Business Intelligence Platform

for Sustainability Data/Information Management & Integrated Reporting

Making Sustainability Data & Information Usable

Sustainable Collaborations Group
We know that organizations pull sustainability information in from multiple areas internally & externally to manage operational activities, for strategic decision making & to feed into multiple types of sustainability reports, for various needs, & over different periods of time. Not an easy process & expensive to do once, let alone maintain for monthly, quarterly, annual reporting.

The SCG Platform allows clients an automated way to capture, maintain and manage sustainability data, information & activities via an all-inclusive, integrated system. Usable, Accessible, Sharable - Usable for day-to-day operational activities. Accessible for cross-functional team collaboration & strategic decision-making.  Sharable via presentations, internal & public annual reports.


Tell the story:  What is the data/graphic really saying? Teams can collaborate, assemble cards, add narratives, add external data/multi-media & create presentations & reports.


Use your data in platform, select one or more KPIs that you want to explore, analyze, share & create interactive graphical displays in the card. There are no limits how many cards you can create.  Data will be automatically refreshed.

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Prepopulated with sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs), you can customize the platform based on your organizational needs, industry, strategies & goals.